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edited by
Raffaella Campaner
Carlo Gabbani

issue 29 - December 2015

Journal ISSN: 1972-1293


The distinguishing features of human powers and agency have long been widely acknowledged and analysed. At the same time, the modern and contemporary philosophical problem of mental causation, in its various aspects and formulations, is also connected to a peculiar understanding of causality, mind and the (so-called) ‘physical world’. Thus, it has been suggested that our conundrum concerning the possibility of mind affecting the physical world has been strongly influenced, among other things, by metaphysical choices such as considering the physical and the mental two different kinds of substance ... read more


issue 28

Expert and Expertise.
Interdisciplinary Issues
Elisabetta Lalumera, Giovanni Tuzet (eds)

issue 27

Origin and Evolution of Language

Francesco Ferretti, Ines Adornetti (eds)

issue 26

Reframing the Debate on
Human Enhancement
Fiorella Battaglia, Antonio Carnevale (eds)

issue 25

Mainong Strikes Again.
Impossible Objects 100 Years Later
Laura Mari, Michele Paolini Paoletti (eds)