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Issue 21

Issue 25 - December 2013

Meinong Strikes Again.
Return to Impossible Objects
100 Years Later

Edited by Laura Mari, Michele Paolini Paoletti

The destiny of Meinongianism in the Anglo-American analytic philosophy in the first half of the 20th Century is summarized by G. Ryle, 1972’s well-known remark: "Let us frankly concede from the start that Gegenstandstheorie itself is dead, buried and not going to be resurrected. Nobody is going to argue again that, for example, ‘there are objects concerning which it is the case that there are no such objects’. Nobody is going to argue again that the possibility of ethical and aesthetic judgments being true requires that values be objects of a special sort". Unfortunately, philosophers typically make bad prophecies. [read more]

Table of Contents


Nino B. Cocchiarella Representing Intentional Objects in Conceptual Realism [PDF - 269kb]
William J. Rapaport Meinongian Semantics and Artificial Intelligence                       [PDF - 364kb]
Francesco Orilia Guise Theory Revisited [PDF - 249kb]
Majid Davoody Beni On What Is Not There. Quine, Meinong, and the
Indispensability Argument
[PDF - 227kb]
Dale Jacquette
About Nothing [PDF - 326kb]
Peter Simons And Now for Something Completely Different: Meinong’s Approach to Modality [PDF - 168kb]
Martin Vacek On the Indispensability of (Im)Possibilia [PDF - 187kb]
Francesco Berto
Modal Meinongianism and Actuality [PDF - 473kb]
Thibaut Giraud An Abstract Mereology for Meinongian Objects [PDF - 500kb]
Venanzio Raspa Meinong on Aesthetic Objects and the
Knowledge-Value of Emotions
[PDF - 286kb]
Alberto Voltolini Probably the Charterhouse of Parma Does Not Exist, Possibly Not Even That Parma [PDF - 276kb]