• The History and Fate of the Analytic-Synthetic Distinction


    edited by:

    Felice Masi (Federico II University, Naples, Italy)

    Luigi Laino (Federico II University, Naples, Italy)

    deadline for submissions: 31st March 2025

    The aim of this issue of Humana mente is to embrace the whole historical time frame that, departing from Kant, eventuated in the more recent discussion on the fate and survival of the analytic and the synthetic as major categories in the theory of knowledge.

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  • Philosophy and Disability


    edited by:

    Brunella Casalini

    Chiara Montalti

    deadline for submissions: 30th September 2024

    The aim of the Special Issue is to contribute to the development of humanistic analyses of disability, especially from a philosophical perspective (Cureton, Wasserman, 2020). It also aims to defy the only already established connection between Philosophy and disability, which is Bioethics. Whereas Bioethical analysis certainly has a profound impact on the lives of disabled people and represents a welcomed topic, we also want to emphasise that disability does not concern exclusively this field of philosophical inquiry. Because disability is not simply a clinical category, it can be fruitfully explored by different philosophical areas as well (Monceri 2017; Tremain 2013).


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  • Procreative Futures. Ethics and Politics of Human ‘Coming to the World’


    edited by:

    Federica Buongiorno

    Matteo Galletti

    NEW deadline for submissions: 30 APRIL 2024

    From the birth of Louise Brown (1978) to today, biotechnology and the expansion of individual freedom and rights have brought about profound changes in the human reproduction scenario, altering the boundary between chance and choice, and questioning the moral relevance of the natural/artificial conceptual pair. Moreover, these processes fostered a redefinition of the meaning and construction of personal and social relationships and reproductive choices. On a philosophical level, rethinking of concepts such as 'family', 'parenthood', 'motherhood', 'person' and reflecting on the rights, duties and responsibilities of the actors involved have proved necessary.

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