Robots, Eldercare and Meaningful Lives

  • Russell J Woodruff St Bonaventure University
  • Cholavardan Kondeti St Bonaventure University
Keywords: Meaningful lives, healthcare, robots, eldercare


In this paper we examine how the use of robots in caring for elders can impact the meaningfulness of elders’ lives.  We present a framework for understanding ‘meaningfulness in life’, and then apply that framework in discussing ways in which the use of robots to assist in activities of daily living can preserve, enhance or undermine the meaningfulness of elders’ lives.  We conclude with a discussion of if and how having false beliefs about companion robots can affect meaningfulness in the life of the person having those false beliefs.

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Woodruff, R., & Kondeti, C. (2023). Robots, Eldercare and Meaningful Lives. HUMANA.MENTE Journal of Philosophical Studies, 16(44), 123-137. Retrieved from