When AI Is Gender-biased.

Some Philosophical Implications on AI in Everyday Life of Women

  • Galit P. Wellner Tel Aviv University and Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Keywords: postphenomenology, feminism, philosophy of technology, opacity, algortihm, dataset


AI algorithms might be gender biased as evidenced from translation programs, credit calculators and autocomplete features, to name a few. This article maps gender biases in technologies according to the postphenomenological formula of I-technology-world. This is the basis for mapping the gender biases in AI algorithms, and for proposing up-dates to the postphenomenological formula. The updates include refereces to I-algo-rithm-dataset, and the reversal of the intetionality arrow to reflect the lower position of the human user. The last section reviews three ethical analyses for AI algorithms - dis-tributive justice, ethics of care and mediation theory's ethics.

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