edited by
Raffaella Campaner
Carlo Gabbani

issue 29 - Decemeber 2015

To the memory of Peter Menzies,
prominent philosopher of science and generous colleague,
who was a pivotal contributor to research on causation and mental causation


The distinguishing features of human powers and agency have long been widely acknowledged and analysed. At the same time, the modern and contemporary philosophical problem of mental causation, in its various aspects and formulations, is also connected to a peculiar understanding of causality, mind and the (so-called) ‘physical world’. Thus, it has been suggested that our conundrum concerning the possibility of mind affecting the physical world has been strongly influenced, among other things, by metaphysical choices such as considering the physical and the mental two different kinds of substance read more

The Causal Closure Argument is No Threat to Non-Reductive Physicalism

Peter Menzies

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Mental Causation and Exclusion: Why the Difference-making Account of Causation is No Help

José Luis Bermúdez, Arnon Cahen

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Physical Determinability

Sophie C. Gibb

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Mental Causation for Mind-Body Dualists

Antonella Corradini

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Causality and "the mental"

Jennifer Hornsby

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When is it Mental?

Stuart Glennan

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The End of the World? Mental Causation, Explanation and Metaphysics

Michele Di Francesco, Alfredo Tomasetta

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Explanation and Causality: a List of Issues

Alberto Peruzzi

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Mental Causation and Intelligibility

David Robb

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Causal Considerations in Experimental Studies on Consciousness

Borysław Paulewicz, Michał Wierzchon

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Report on the Conference "Emergence and Causation"
(Macerata, 23–25 September 2015)

Ernesto Graziani

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