Call for Issue Proposals


Humana.Mente publishes thematic issues addressing contemporary debates in all fields of philosophy and their connections with natural, psychological and social sciences.
Humana.Mente publishes both invited and submitted peer-reviewed articles, reviews of no more than two-year-old books, and critical analyses of older publications.
Applicant should send their inquiries and proposal to, including the following information:

- the title of the proposed special issue;
- the purpose of the proposed special issue and its relevance to the contemporary philosophical and scientific debate (2000 words);
- a list of contacted authors who already accepted to collaborate;
- a list of topics for the call for papers.

Each issue usually contains between 7 and 14 articles, which run at most to 10.000 words, blankets, notes and references included.
The Guest Editor(s) will be required to ensure that all papers comply with the peer review statement of the journal and that the papers are properly checked for formatting and language problems.

There is no deadline for submitting a proposal.

please send your proposals and enquires to