edited by

Marta Bertolaso
Miles MacLeod

issue 30 - June 2016


Technology is playing an increasingly larger role in biological research and investigation. We are building ever more sophisticated experimental systems which can sample data at rates well beyond anything possible using traditional methods. To analyse this data computational systems do the bulk of the work. Mathematical and computational modelling methods are being applied to large scale systems. These methods can perform analysis and derive information from such systems even with only incomplete information and partial pictures of networks, which is beyond the powers of what experimental work, or indeed ordinary unaided human cognition, could itself achieve. read more

original articles

Heuristic Strategies in Systems Biology

Fridolin Gross

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Decomposing Biological Complexity into a Conjunction of Theorems. The Case of the Melanoma Network

Giovanni Boniolo, Luisa Lanfrancone

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Orienteering Tools: Biomedical Research with Ontologies

Federico Boem

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In Silico Medicine: Social, Technological and Symbolic Mediation

Annamaria Carusi

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In silico Clinical Trials: A New Dawn in  Biomedical Research?

Ilaria Malagrinò

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Personalizing Medicine: Disease Prevention in silico and in socio

Sara Green, Henrik Vogt

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On the Poietic Character of Technology

Federica Russo

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In Silico Medicine: The Practitioners’ Points of View

Matteo Cerri, Markus Reiterer, Marco Viceconti

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