edited by

Claudio Calosi

issue 13 - April 2010


It is notoriously difficult to define Metaphysics, its content, its method, its language, its scope. Thus I will not even try an attempt here. I will rest content to point out some widely held characterizations. A long and highly influential tradition maintains that Metaphysics is the study of being qua being. It is concerned with what there is, what kind of things are the things that there are, what properties do they have, how they are related. In this sense Metaphysics deals with the more general features of reality, the most fundamental categories of being. read more


Mauro Dorato
Physics and Metaphysics: Interaction or Autonomy?
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Gabriele Veneziano
String Theory: Physics or Metaphysics?
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John Norton
Time Really Passes
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Sam Baron, Peter Evans, Kristie Miller
From Timeless Physical Theories to Timelessness
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Vincent Lam
Metaphysics of Causation and Physics of General Relativity
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Claudio Garola, Sandro Sozzo
Realistic Aspects in the Standard Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
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Giovanni Macchia
Expansion of the Universe and Spacetime Ontology
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Adriano Angelucci, Vincenzo Fano
Ontology and Mathematics in Classical Field Theories and Quantum Mechanics
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Tracy Lupher
Not Quite Particles, Not Quite Fields
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Friedel Weinert
Relativistic Thermodynamics and the Passage of Time
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Bradley Monton
Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective by Bastiaan C. van Fraassen
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Lorenzo Del Savio
Persistence and Spacetime by Yuri Balashov
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Giovanni Casini
Identity in Physics: A Historical, Philosophical and Formal Analysis by Steven French and Decio Krause
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Emanuele Coppola
The Metaphysics Within Physics by Tim Maudlin
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Umberto Maionchi
Anaximander by Carlo Rovelli
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Jeffrey Barrett
A Structural Interpretation of Pure Wave Mechanics
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Daniel Nolan
Metaphysical Language, Ordinary Language and Peter van Inwagen's Material Beings
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Giuliano Torrengo
The Labyrinth of Time: Introducing the Universe by Michael Lockwood
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James Weatherall
General Relativity from A to B by Robert Geroch
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Duccio Manetti and Silvano Zipoli Caiani
Interview with Adolf Grünbaum
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Michele Pasin
The Third Interdisciplinary Ontology Conference by Tokyo (Japan), 27-28 February 2010
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Pierluigi Graziani
Winter School: "Open Problems in Philosophy of Sciences" by Cesena (Italy), 15-17 April 2010
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