edited by

Renata Badii

Enrica Fabbri

issue 18 - September 2011


On approaching this issue of Humana.Mente, readers could maybe wonder why a theme such as that of Weltbild could be considered relevant for philosophy today. Of course, the debate on Weltbild, a term that can be translated in English as “world image” or “world picture”, represented an important moment of the late-modern German-speaking philosophical debate, at least from the second half of the nineteenth century until the 1930s, before slowly fading out in the 1970s. From Wilhelm Dilthey to Edmund Husserl, from Max Weber to Martin Heidegger, passing through thinkers such as Franz Borkenau, Karl Jaspers, Ernst Cassirer and Ludwig Wittgenstein, until the works of Günther Anders and Hans Blumenberg, the idea of Weltbild and of what we can call the “family of concepts” related to it (such as Weltanschauung, Weltauffassung, Weltansicht, Lebensanschauung, etc.) seems to represent a characteristic element of the particular “philosophical Stimmung” of that specific epoch. read more

Hjördis Becker
From Weltanschauung to Livs-Anskuelse: Kierkegaard’s Existential Philosophy
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Eric S. Nelson
The World Picture and its Conflict in Dilthey and Heidegger
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Kenneth Knies
Three Views of the One True World and What They Make of Mere Worldviews: A Husserlian Approach to Weltanschauung
full text

Michael Inwood
Heidegger and the Weltbild
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Elena Alessiato
Human Being, World, and Philosophy in Karl Jaspers
full text 

Dimitri D’Andrea
The World in Images. Subjectivity and Politics in Max Weber
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Arpad Szakolczai
Franz Borkenau on the Mechanical Weltbild
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Barbara Henry
The Weltbild Concept According to Ernst Cassirer
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Anne-Marie Søndergaard Christensen
“What Matters to Us?” Wittgenstein’s Weltbild, Rock and Sand, Men and Women
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Stefano Velotti    
Günther Anders: Weltbilder, “Models of Enticement”, and the Question of Praxis
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Martino Doni
Hans Blumenberg in the Cave. Towards a “Sociological” Solution of an Absolute Metaphor
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Marc Jongen
On Anthropospheres and Aphrogrammes. Peter Sloterdijk’s Thought Images of the Monstrous
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Luciano Bazzocchi
L’albero del Tractatus
Reviewed by Anna Boncompagni
full text

Raymond Geuss
Politics and the Imagination
Reviewed by Andrea Erizi
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Ulrich Beuttler
Weltbilder and Theology. Commentary on Das Weltbild der Zukunft
by Karl Heim
full text

Mirko Alagna
The Matryoshka-Concept. Commentary on On the Interpretation of “Weltanschauung”
by Karl Mannheim 
full text

Domenico Spinosa
The Image-World. Commentary on The Image-World
by Susan Sontag
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Alain de Benoist
by Enrica Fabbri 
full text

Jacob Taubes   
The World as Fiction and Representation
Translated by Renata Badii
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