edited by

Riccardo Luccio

issue 17 - July 2011


The papers presented in this issue address the following question: What is the status of the psychology of Gestalt in contemporary experimental psychology? Of course, everybody agrees that today the Berlin school as such does not exist anymore. The problem is, if something of seminal survives among its ideas. Our introductory paper presents what are in my opinion the most important concepts of Gestalt psychology: auto-organization, isomorphism, field theory, Prägnanz, and the distinction between global and local factors. My aim is to show that these ideas have inspired much current research. I argue that by considering three approaches: field dynamics, non-linear systems, and computational Gestalts. read more

Dejan Todorovic
What is the Origin of the Gestalt Principles?
[PDF - 88kb]

Sergei Gepshtein, Ivan Tyukin, Michael Kubovy
A Failure of the Proximity Principle in the Perception of Motion
[PDF - 268kb]

Cees van Leeuwen, David Alexander, Chie Nakatani, Andrey R. Nikolaev, Gijs Plomp, Antonino Raffone
Gestalt has no Notion of Attention. But does it need One
[PDF - 160kb]

Raymond Pavloski
Learning How to Get From Properties of Perception to Those of the Neural Substrate and Back: An Ongoing Task of Gestalt Psychology
[PDF - 120kb]

Riccardo Luccio
Gestalt Psychology and Cognitive Psychology
[PDF - 252kb]