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Massimiliano Carrara
Roberto Ciuni
Giorgio Lando

issue 19 - December 2011


The problems of how the world is made, how things could have gone, and how causal relations work (if any such relation is at play) cross the entire historical development of philosophy. In the last forty years, the philosophical debate has given these problems a prominent role in its agenda, and David Lewis has suggested methodologies and theories that have contributed to enrich our notions in the fields of mereology, modality and the theory of causation. Such contributions have been among the most influential in analytic philosophy. read more

Counterfactual Fallacies

Andrea Iacona

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The Large-Scale Joints of the World

Ned Hall

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Any sum of Parts which are Water is Water

Henry Laycock

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Four Theses on the Alleged Innocence of Mereology

Massimiliano Carrara, Enrico Martino

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Natural Properties, Supervenience, and Mereology

Andrea Borghini, Giorgio Lando

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The Modal Dimension

Giuliano Torrengo

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Books Reviews

Metametaphysics. New Essays on the Foundations of Ontology
Chalmers, D.J., Manley, D., Wasserman, R., (Eds.)

Giulia Felappi

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David Lewis

Vittorio Morato

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On the Plurality of Worlds
David Lewis

Louis DeRossett

full text

Parts of Classes
David Lewis

Einar Duenger Bøhn

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What’s Wrong with Microphysicalism?
by Andreas Hüttemann

George Darby

full text

The Universe as an Ongoing Enterprise. Commentary on The Metaphysics Within Physics
by Tim Maudlin

Emiliano Boccardi

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Plato on Parts and Wholes
by Verity  Harte

Laura Castelli

full text

The Structure of Objects
by Kathrin Koslicki

Tuomas Tahko

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Temporal Parts
Ted Sider

Daniele Chiffi, Silvia Gaio

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“Another World is Possible”:  Conference on David Lewis
(June 16, 17, 18, 2011)

Adriano Angelucci

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