edited by
Elena Casetta
Vera Tripodi

issue 22 - September 2012


Historically, the inquiry into the nature of gender has been mainly focused on the relation between gender and sex, but recently an increasing number of analytic feminists is coming to consider the status of gender also in its correlation with the categories of race and family. On this approach, it would be a mistake to isolate conditions such as gender, race, class, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic position, family status: insofar as they are social constructions, all these notions differ from one society to another, and they are in some way deeply entangled. read more

Food in the Metaphysical Orders: Gender, Race, and the Family

Andrea Borghini

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Sex and/or Gender? Some Neuroscientific Approaches

Valentina Chizzola

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Gender Stereotypes and Figurative Language Comprehension

Roberta Cocco, Francesca Ervas

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Social Kinds, Conceptual Analysis, and the Operative Concept: A Reply to Haslanger

Esa Diaz-Leon

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Race and Genealogy. Buffon and the Formation of the Concept of “Race”

Claude-Oliver Doron

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Researching vs. Reifying Race: The Case of Obesity Research

Koffi N. Maglo, Lisa J. Martin

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Abortion and Kant’s Formula of Humanity

Lina Papadaki

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Books Reviews

Shifting Ground. Knowledge and Reality, Transgression and Trustworthiness
by Naomi Scheman

Anna Boncompagni

full text

Birth, Death and Femininity – Philosophies of Embodiment
by Robin May Schott (Ed.)

Ingeborg W. Oweseni

full text

Minimizing Marriage. Marriage, Morality, and the Law
by Elisabeth Brake

Giuliano Torrengo

full text


The Female Brain by Cynthia Darlington Gender and the Science of Difference
by Jill A. Fisher (Ed.)

Sanja Milutinovic Bojanic

full text

Sexing the Body. Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality
by Anne Fausto-Sterling

Greta Gober

full text

The Complexity of Intersectionality
by Leslie McCall

Maria Rodó-de-Zárate, Marta Jorba

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Sally Haslanger

Elena Casetta

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Marta Nussbaum

Sara Protasi

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