edited by
Francesca Ervas
Elisabetta Gola

issue 23 - December 2012


Modern pragmatics has been defined as “philosophical” pragmatics, not only because its main representative authors, such as John Austin (1962) and Paul Grice (1989), were philosophers of ordinary language, but also because it has used linguistic and philosophical analysis as the key method to give an explanation of the communicative features of language. If we consider language in general as an object of analysis, on the one hand, psychological language models have focused on aspects that are studied through an empirical method: phonological and syntactic modules, models of acquisition and memorization or “storage” of lexis, biological foundations of language, etc. read more

Experimental Investigations of the Typology of Presupposition Triggers

Chris Cummins, Patricia Amaral, Napoleon Katsos

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On Encoded Lexical Meaning: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives

Stavros Assimakopoulos

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Metaphor and Experimental Pragmatics: When Theory Meets Empirica linvestigation

Valentina Bambini, Donatella Resta

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Automated Translation Between Lexicon and Corpora

Elisabetta Gola, Stefano Federici, Nilda Ruimy, John Wade

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Affective Twist in Irony Processing

Katarzyna Bromberek-Dyzman

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Puns for Contextualists

Alberto Voltolini

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The Text as a Context. Blurring the Boundaries Between Sentence and Discourse

Marzia Mazzer

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Why Philosophical Pragmatics Needs Clinical Pragmatics

Ines Adornetti

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Books Reviews

Cognitive Pragmatics. The Mental Processes of Communication
by Bruno Bara

Roberta Cocco

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The Routledge Handbook of Corpus Linguistics
by Anne O'Keeffe, Michael McCarthy (Eds.)

Giuliano Vivanet

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Metaphor and Communication (12-14 May 2011)

Tiziana Giudice

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Bipin Indurkhya

Massimo Sangoi

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Rachel Giora

Francesca Ervas

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