edited by
Massimiliano Lorenzo Cappuccio

issue 24 - July 2013


Pointing is an exciting theme of scientific and philosophical inquiry. Even though this line of inquiry is built upon a very long scholarly tradition, our comprehension of the implications of pointing for our mental, social, and cultural lives is still at the very beginning. Discussing these implications means facing complex conceptual problems situated at the intersection of “language, culture, and cognition” read more

Pointing and the Evolution of Language: An Applied Evolutionary Epistemological Approach

Nathalie Gontier

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David A. Leavens

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Evidence and Interpretation in Great Ape Gestural Communication

Richard Moore

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Are Apes’ Responses to Pointing Gestures Intentional?

Olivia Sultanescu, Kristin Andrews

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Symbolic, Indexical, and Iconic Communication with Domestic Dogs

Andrew M. Olney

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Pointing and Representing – Three Options

Nick Young, Angelica Kaufmann, Bence Nanay

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Pointing As An Instrumental Gesture: Gaze Representation Through Indication

Massimiliano L. Cappuccio, Mingyuan Chu, Sotaro Kita

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The Points Of Language

Richard P. Meier, Diane Lillo-Martin

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Beyond The Point: A Basic Guide To Literature On Pointing Abilities In Children With Autism

Laura Sparaci

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A Cognitive Neuroscience View on Pointing: What is Special About Pointing with the Eyes and Hands?

José Luis Ulloa, Nathalie George

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The Multiple Pathways Model of Visual System. A Review

Matteo Baccarini

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Books Reviews

Joint Attention:  New Developments in Psychology, Philosophy  of Mind, and Social Neuroscience
by Axel Seemann   

James M Dow

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