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is a peer-reviewed biannual forum for theoretical and meta-theoretical analysis in philosophy. The journal focuses on the emergent themes at the centre of the philosophical debate. Its principal aim is to foster theoretical dialogue and innovation within the discipline, serving an integrative role for all of those concerned with the evolution of contemporary philosophy.

Humana.Mente publishes scholarly and expository papers which explore significant theoretical developments within and across all areas of philosophy. It also publishes, and encourages, works with a broader meta-theoretical intent, examining such issues as the conceptual frameworks and foundations of natural and human sciences, their methodological commitments, their assumptions and their political and institutional contexts. Interdisciplinary analyses addressing philosophical and experimental topics are welcomed.

Humana.Mente accepts only submissions of manuscripts related to the call for papers advertised on the website. Submitting a paper to Humana.Mente implies that the manuscript has not been published before; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, and that it is not under consideration for publication in other journals. Humana.Mente addresses a wide range of interested scholars from other disciplines. Articles are clearly written, for a general audience, without excessive use of specialized terminology.

Humana.Mente operates a blind peer review process in order to improve the quality of the published manuscripts. During the process the reviewer's name is withheld from the author and the author's name from the reviewer. The reviewer may, at his or her own discretion, opt to reveal his identity to the author, however Humana.Mente standard policy is for both identities to remain concealed.

ISSN 1972-1293

Authors publishing on Humana.Mente can use the following Creative Commons licences for their articles:

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