Top 10 Rock Songs Of 2009

Top 10 Rock Songs Of 2009

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Simon and Garfunkel had grown up together as neighbors and childhood classmates and friends. They lived only a few blocks away from another, at Queens, in New York. They also attended the same elementary school and as kids had acted in a school play, in 1953. The play was "Alice in Wonderland", Simon was the White Rabbit and Garfunkel was the Cheshire Cat. They were still classmates in junior year right now there they began performing as Tom and Jerry in their singers' number.

It features some extremely lead vocals from Michael and Randy, Michael's youngest brother. Can you Feel Exercises, diet tips a huge hit in the united kingdom peaking at #6 on top 50 songs recently. What is most notable about the song is its music video. Has been directed by Bruce Gowers, who also presently directs the hit TV show "American Idol." Also, this video was voted among the best during MTV's 20th Wedding.

Year of the Cat would be a top ten hit for Scottish born composer, Al Stewart. Record of the identical name features great songs including Close to Border, Broadway Hotel, Lord Grenville, and (If kind come naturally) Leave This situation.

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Find a radio station that you like that streams their music in the radio. In this tutorial I picked at include many different genres to decide on from like Jazz, 70s, 80s, Classical, and top 100 hits.

This haunting song was written and sung by Stevie Nicks. Fleetwood Mac had much success the actual world late 1970's and into the early 80's. Other great Fleetwood Mac songs include Tusk, Over My Head, Landslide, Don't Stop, Dreams, Hold Me, and Little Lies.

Here 1 other disco/funk era single that reached double-platinum status it is actually truly an important dance song. It also featured the 12" Disco Single with more rhythms and drum tracks as well as top 50 songs this week other functions not in regards to the album option. Shake Your Body (Down on the Ground) reached #3 along at the R&B chart and of the Billboard Hot 100 at #7.

When To become young Associate and i were wanted for you to become an astronaut. I always was (and still am) passionate about space. During the and mother were throughout the Royal Air Force and That i used to think on the way someone through your British Royal Air Force could end up in space.

In dedication to this period, I took up a project to list out 50 Songs from each year in now i.e. 1980 - 1989. We are talking associated with the extremely large range of songs, talents, artists and stars. Songs ranging against the 1980 Pink Floyd discharge of 'Another Brick In the Wall' to the 1989 Roxette hit - 'The Look'. How music has traversed in today?