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Vol 12 No 36 (2019): Beyond the Self: Crisis of Disembodied and Individualistic Paradigms
Humana.Mente issue 36 Beyond the Self

Ethical, social and political analyses debate whether there are grounds for the reconstruction of the notion of self: the main focus is the broad discontent with the individualistic tradition where the rational agent, or independent self, is considered the fundamental atom of social life. Considering the new understandings of dynamic and distributed processing in our brain, several relevant philosophers of sciences, psychologists and neuroscientists are exploring a similar topic, criticizing a disembodied view of the Self.  The aim is that this collection of interdisciplinary studies may serve to develop a more refined and integrated conceptual framework of the Self as embodied and relational. The authors consider this step as important and urgent to address the scientific and ethical challenges of our time.

Published: 2019-12-27



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