EXTENDED DEADLINE: Beyond the Self: Crisis of Disembodied and Individualistic Paradigms (December 2019)


Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2019

Ethical, social and political analyses debate whether there are grounds for the reconstruction of the notion of self: the main focus is the broad discontent with the individualist tradition where the rational agent, or independent self, is considered the fundamental atom of social life (M. Nussbaum, 2001; J. Butler, 2005; M. Slote, 2007). Considering the new understandings of dynamic and distributed processing in our brain, several relevant philosophers of sciences (A. Clark, 2008; G. Colombetti, 2014; T. Fuchs, 2017), psychologists (M. L. Hoffman, 2000; K. Gergen, 2009) and neuroscientists (A. Damasio, 1994; V. Gallese, 2001; L. Pessoa, 2013) are exploring a similar topic, criticizing a disembodied view of the self. Discussing some crucial points for the definition of a “relational being”, as empathy, emotions, the integration of mental processes in body, actions and social interactions, as well as overcoming a clear distinction between affective/cognitive information, is, nowadays, one of the most widespread challenges in these fields of research.

The core idea of the special issue is to show how different theoretical frameworks examine the crisis of disembodied and individualistic paradigms. The purpose of this project is to collect relevant studies that are focused on a distributed outlook on the self, facilitating interaction between different perspectives.

The issue will contain a selection of invited contributions by prominent scholars in the philosophical debate: Michael Slote (University of Miami), Giovanna Colombetti (University of Exeter), Massimo Marraffa (Roma Tre University), Federico Squarcini (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), Francesca De Vecchi (Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan), Laura Galbusera (Technische Universität Berlin), Petr Urban (Czech Academy of Science), Federica Buongiorno (Technische Universität Dresden).

Humana.Mente encourages all interested contributors to submit papers that investigate the challenges and opportunities of an embodied concept of subjectivity, related to the following areas:

- phenomenology

- philosophy of mind

- psychology and psychotherapy

- ethics

- political and social philosophy

Manuscripts can be submitted following the hyperlink “Make a Submission” at the journal website www.humanamente.eu

Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2019

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