Emotions. From cases to theories (June 2019)


Today emotions are a critical topic in several branches of contemporary philosophical debate. Emotions are supposed to play a crucial role in our life, with an impact on our interactions with the environment, on our choices, and values. Despite virtually all philosophers agree on their relevance, emotions are understood in a broad variety of philosophical perspectives. The core idea of the special issue is to show how different theoretical frameworks on emotions influence the philosophical analysis of a specific emotion. The purpose of this project is to collect relevant studies, facilitating interaction between different perspectives, via the focus on single emotions.

The issue will contain a selection of invited contributions by prominent scholars in the philosophical debate: A. Ben-Ze'ev (Haifa University), Alessandra Fussi (University of Pisa), Lorenzo Greco (University of Oxford), Larry Herzberg (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh), Victoria McGeer (Center for Human Values, Princeton), Elena Pulcini (University of Firenze), Jacqueline Taylor (University of San Francisco), Marco Tedeschini (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”), Maria Silvia Vaccarezza (University of Genoa).

Humana.Mente encourages all interested contributors to submit papers that are focused on a single emotion, related to the following areas:

- theories of emotions

- philosophy of mind

- epistemology of emotions

- ethics

- political and social philosophy.

Manuscripts can be submitted following the hyperlink “Make a Submission” at the journal website www.humanamente.eu

Important dates:

Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2019

For any further information please contact:

Matteo Galletti: matteo.galletti@unifi.it

Ariele Niccoli: ariele.niccoli@gmail.it